Message Cap?

I can no longer edit the original post?

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Could you get a character count?

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11,188 raw characters. I was able to update the post; added a smiley at the end.

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Character limit is 40,000 so it isn’t that :man_shrugging:

Just a request for clarification about this 40,000 characters limit. On three or four of my sites (those still on WP), I have a few posts above 40,000 characters, that work fine with WP. Does it mean this would no longer be the case with CP?

It has nothing do with your posts or pages on WP or CP, it is regarding posts here on the forums :slight_smile:


Sorry! Relieved to read that! And thank you for explaining!


Could it be because the “Staff color” setting is applied to that post?

I could be totally wrong, I’m not sure if that’s new or not. Just the only thing I saw that was different about that one.

@Code_Potent and I figured it out:

There was a 60 day edit limit, I have removed this now :slight_smile:


Yes, I can edit it again.


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