Modified core files detected

About to switch to Classicpress and I see this yellow flag.

_Modified core files detected. These customisations will be lost. _
If you have JavaScript enabled, you can see a list of modified files in your browser console .

I’m not aware of any modified files, Wordfence scan does not show any. Nothing shows in safari browser console.

Can anyone please let me know if I should just ignore this?


See this post. It is along the same lines.

You should be okay, if you cannot see anything strange in your files. You can always use the procedure to do it without the plugin if you prefer.

Thanks, maybe just Wordfence then.

Hmm, just did a test after deleting all plugins and got the same message, so appears to not be connected with plugins.

Generally, if it works on WP 4.9.8 then it will work on ClassicPress.

Or are you migrating V 5.0?

If you are comfortable doing backups and restores via FTP, then you can do anything you like and see what works and what doesn’t.

I’m not an expert though, just putting ideas out there that I did.

@MrLucky Yes, you can ignore it since all the WordPress core files will be replaced by the ClassicPress core files.

Yes, I’m comfortable with backups (using FTP or jet backup on cpanel).

But I’m just concerned I may have altered something for a good reason ages ago. Although wouldn’t subsequent WP updates always overwrite any edits I’d done?

Any edits you did in the wp-content folder will remain unchanged.

Only the core files get overwritten. Yes, a WP update would have overwriiten core file changes you made.

So this is what worries me, I have always updated regularly up to 4.9.8 and with all plugins uninstalled and deleted why would Classicpress say that core files were modified? They couldn’t be if I just recently updated WP and didn’t edit anything at all outside /wp-content/

Although I really love the idea of Classicpress (congrats to all concerned), I’m just slightly concerned it seems to be misdiagnosing this…

I’m not sure if it is true in my case, but I got the yellow alert and the only changes I had were added files like error files such as 500.shtml

I had extra folders in the root folder, such as uploads too. I’m sure someone with the right skills will answer your questions, but I haven’t heard of anyone ending up with a broken site after migrating to CP.

Can you let us know what were the files? But you should worry with that.
I did a migration from WP5 to ClassicPress and saw that log in the Javascrit console. The Log was right since I was changing 2 core files to test something, but has I said it will be update with the ClassicPress files so it doesn’t matter.

Backup everything first, and try to do the switch.

Let us know how it went.

This happened to me too - it was the README file (unfortunately I didn’t save anything when this happened)

No, because I don’t know what they are. Browser console shows nothing about modified files.

It can’t be the README either, I tested again after a fresh upload of wp 4.9.8

I appreciate you’re unsure what to do here. I have uploaded a modified version of the core files to my dropbox account [closed]

Just unzip it and upload everything via FTP.

It will NOT overwrite any files you may have added and you will be using CP when you log back in.

It will NOT damage any of your content or database. You can always upload a single file from your backup if you find it is looking for it and it’s not there.

If I didn’t think this was safe, I wouldn’t be asking you to do it.

This is how I’ve migrated all my sites over, so I know it works.

If you feel you need to, click on my name and send me a direct message.

Many thanks Graham, I appreciate the support and do trust that Classic Press is safe, I suppose it is more that I’m curious what could possibly be modified, and curious why CP is saying there are modifications if there are no modifications.

Who knows how software thinks. Sometimes we just never know why it says what it does. It doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a problem though.

Maybe the developers will find out why and modify it.

The benefit of doing it this way is you are in total control. You don’t have to worry about what it’s doing in the background.

I do :slight_smile:

@MrLucky when you are on the page for the migration plugin, you should see a list of modified files in your browser console, but only on that page.

Who is this site hosted with? Would you be open to one of us taking a closer look? If so, I’ll send you a private message here to coordinate that.

See. I told you someone who knows will eventually help you :slightly_smiling_face:

When I got that message, I right-clicked my browser window, clicked on View Page Source, then searched for “modified.” They showed up and none of them were anything I needed to worry about.

Aha, of course - that makes sense. It it was indeed readme.html so all is good now. Oddly that file had changed name to readme.3cbeb21f76b15e7ea359cc5936f0eaac