My suggestion for an add-on

My suggestion for an add-on like this
A template, a table or something similar.
Things that often appear in posts, pages to make a template for the same, so instead of repeating everything from the beginning, we run it with one click

You can duplicate any post or page (including the layout, categories, tags, content, and meta data) with the Carbon Copy plugin. It is handy, lightweight, and built for ClassicPress. Once you have a nice post or layout you like, you can just click to copy it like it was a template. Works with posts, pages, and custom post types.


The Carbon Copy plugin allows you to duplicate ClassicPress posts, pages, and custom post type items with a single click. This can be extremely handy for copying complex layouts from one post to another. It also makes quick work of duplicating custom post type items which often have lots of tedious input fields that are duplicated from one post to the next. This plugin will save more time than you even imagine.


This plugin of yours is not bad either
Simple Content Templates still has an advantage
It is less complicated.
With it when I finish posting, I click on the new post and I can choose which template I want or will continue without the template.
With this one of yours, after the post I have to exit the text editing, look for the post I want to duplicate to open and because of, for example, one HTML code I have to delete the rest of the content
Thanks though

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Simple Content Templates is compatible with WordPress 3.6+ and is therefore also compatible with ClassicPress so if that meets your needs, you can carry on using that. It is also on our list of Plugins Compatible with ClassicPress .


I appreciate your trying Carbon Copy and sharing your feedback, thanks!