Plugins Compatible with ClassicPress

This is for WordPress plugins that are known to work well with ClassicPress

In recognition of the growing need for an improved list of ClassicPress-compatible plugins, we have assembled a list of such plugins in a Google sheet.

The list can be viewed here:

What to do if you wish to request a plugin be added to the list

Firstly, please double-check that the plugin isn’t already listed. Then, please use this form:

In order to keep the list as accurate as possible, you do need to have a forum account to make a submission. This is a mandatory field on the form. Any submissions with an invalid username will be discarded.

Please do not post a request here on the forums.

What plugins does this list cover?

This list is mostly based on the work carried out by @azurecurve in the forum post Plugins Confirmed Working on ClassicPress v1 which will now be closed.

The list covers only those plugins in the WordPress plugin directory that have been confirmed to be compatible with ClassicPress.

What about plugins developed specifically for ClassicPress?

Please see List of Plugins Developed for ClassicPress .

What about commercial or freemium plugins?

If there is sufficient demand, this may be looked at but there are no immediate plans to maintain a list of such plugins. The only exception is if the developer has confirmed that they will be actively supporting ClassicPress (and not just WP 4.9).

How accurate is this list?

A lot of time was put into this, ensuring, amongst other things, that plugins were at least compatible with WP 4.9.

However, we need the community’s help in keeping this list up to date. It would be appreciated if everyone could check this list for errors and omissions. If you find any anomalies, please use the above form and add a note in the comments section if required.

Why are some plugins shown in red?

Plugins that are found not to be compatible - because they only support WP 5 or higher for instance - are shown in red. The latest version known to be compatible with WP 4.9 is also listed where possible.

What if my favourite plugin is not compatible?

Community members should contact the developer to ask them, as a minimum, to declare compatibility for WP 4.9. As a point of interest, there are still millions of websites running WP4.9 or lower.

An increasing number of developers are also indicating official support for ClassicPress in a section of their readme, an example being: 3. Please ask the developer to consider doing this too.

What next?

Please consider this a temporary interim solution. We are also working on a web version. More details about that will follow shortly.


Thanks for creating this thread, @1stepforward.

I just wanted to note for people who visit this set of pages infrequently that these are plugins in the WordPress plugin directory that have been confirmed to be compatible with ClassicPress.

If you are looking for plugins developed specifically for ClassicPress, you can find a list here: Plugins built specifically for ClassicPress


Thanks for pointing that out James. I have updated my post accordingly.