Options for "must-have" plugins

I’ve noticed various comments from potential CP users who have some favourite plugin or other, where they feel they would need a reliable similar version that works long-term with CP before they commit to migrating. I thought it would be useful to compile a list of “must-have” plugin categories, and some viable solutions as they become available. For example, I don’t really care what security plugin I use; they all do much the same thing. If WordFence won’t commit to supporting CP, I’m happy to use another one that does.

A wiki post has now been created below where you can post the general type of plugin you would absolutely require; then we can add good, CP-friendly options as they become available. Please only include plugin developers who have made a firm and definite commitment to supporting CP in the long term (so this is different to the “Plugins confirmed working with CPv1” thread).


Great idea. Here are a few that I need.

Cookie notice / GDPR -
Redirects -
Role management - e.g. Members by Justin Tadlock

Nice to have:

Security headers
Insert pages

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Thanks! I’ll leave off the “nice-to-have” ones for now. That might make the list a little unwieldy if we get into that area. I’m really just trying to focus on plugins that people see as deal-breakers.

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This is a wiki post to list the general types of plugin that users feel they would absolutely require in order to use CP. That is, plugins that people see as deal-breakers. We can then add good, CP-friendly options as they become available.


:white_check_mark: Security plugin BulletProofSecurity , GD Security Toolbox Pro and Shield are all supporting CP.

:question: eCommerce plugin hopefully we will be getting Classic Commerce (a fork of WooCommerce) for this one

:white_check_mark: Advanced editor plugin Enriched Editor is built for ClassicPress by @Code_Potent.

:question: Pagebuilder plugin - [Elementor have already stated they do not support CP.]

:question: Forum plugin -

:question: Contact form plugin -

:question: Caching plugin -

:white_check_mark: SEO plugin GD SEO Toolbox Pro definitely supports CP

:ballot_box_with_check::grey_question: Image slider plugin - MetaSlider have stated they will investigate any problems with future CP versions.

:question: Professional photo gallery plugin - [eg NextGen]

:question: Cookie notice / GDPR plugin -

:question: Redirects plugin -

:question: Role management plugin - [e.g. Members by Justin Tadlock]

:white_check_mark: Backup Plugin - Akeeba Backup have announced they will supporting CP and said “We’re in for the long ride”.

:ballot_box_with_check::grey_question: Remote management plugin InfiniteWP have tested CP and confirmed that everything works (except we can’t use it to update the CP core). They have said they’ll “definitely consider adding full support for ClassicPress in the near future” if there is enough demand.

:white_check_mark: 2-factor authentication plugin - MiniOrange have said they will be testing with all future ClassicPress releases.

:white_check_mark: Post/Page duplicator plugin We now have Carbon Copy by @Code_Potent made especially for ClassicPress

:question: Spamblocker plugin -

:question: Subscriber email notification - see this discussion Email subscribers and Notification

:question: SMTP plugin - there is a petition to add this to core - https://petitions.classicpress.net/posts/163/smtp-integration-settings-as-core-plugin

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@ozfiddler and @ithilien I made the above post a wiki so everyone can edit it :slight_smile:


Great idea! That will save me some work. :grinning:

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That’s fine. They are not deal breakers for me. There are other ways to do those jobs.

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I was more hoping for Jigoshop though :slight_smile:

cu, w0lf.

As a photographer, may I add a really good gallery plugin? I use NextGen (and also pay for NextGen Plus). I moved anyway, but it really is a must-have :slight_smile:

Of course! The post above (highlighted in yellow) should have an edit button in the bottom right hand corner. :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s a good one. I use NextGen Pro on a site too (also moved to CP). It’s a great plugin. I’ve added that for you.

Sorry - I just looked at my site and thought of some more. I never did understand how I was able to move from WP.com to WP.org and keep my followers and comments, only that I was told I needed Jetpack to do that. I only have a handful of followers, but I would hate to lose them after all this time. I guess Jetpack will never support CP in the future and I worry about a replacement. I use Mini Orange 2 factor authentication - I tried contacting them to ask if they would support CP, but was unable to get through their system. WP Super Cache has speeded up my site no end, even though I have to turn it off to back up. I also use Column Shortcodes, but my guess is that would be easy to replicate…

I’ve forked TinyMCE Advanced v4.8 (pre-Gutenberg) and turned it into Enriched Editor. Compatible with ClassicPress 1.x.x and PHP 7.3. Testers, please have at it.


Jetpack wouldn’t support CP. I’ve never used it and I consider it unnecessary bloat. But I think your comments should now reside on your own installation (?) … I’m not sure how it handles your followers. Maybe someone with more knowledge of how these 2 interact can help out.

I’ll add 2-factor authentication to that list. I’ve got caching plugin on there, so we’ll see what comes up for that. Column shortcodes is an easier one - I think @anon71687268 could knock out something suitable for you in his tea break. :sunglasses:

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@wadestriebel - how does the wiki work? Do we all just add what plugins we absolutely must have…or what’s been publicly announced as CP compatible? Won’t that get messy with so many different users/workflow styles? Maybe I’m not understanding. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Personally, I have a boilerplate install of WP/CP with all the minimum plugins (7) I use on every site and never deviate from that I’ve condensed throughout the years.

But my needs will differ from others obv.

The list is just defining broad categories of plugins that most/many sites will be looking for, rather than a list of all the plugins everyone wants to have. I think the idea is to try and get all the basics covered.


The wiki is to create a list of what people consider to be “must-have” plugins, ie necessary to have before they’d be comfortable moving to CP. But the titles are to cover generic categories of plugins rather than one specific example.

The idea is to annotate the list as things develop. I’ve started using a green tick to show we have a definite solution for that category, and a question mark to indicate there might be something in the pipeline.

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By the way, I just remembered that Milan Petrovic from Dev4Press had told us he is getting behind CP. He has a security plugin and an SEO plugin (both paid Pro versions). I have added those to the list.


Working fine so far. I’m glad to see this. I like being able to add all sorts of functions back to the editor. :slight_smile: The more plugins we can fork, the more attractive CP becomes. When I hear about plugins I use every day not supporting CP, I start wondering if I need to find some other platform.

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I’m actually hoping we see more brand new plugins than forks. To me, ClassicPress feels like a great opportunity to break free from a metric ton of legacy code.