Page builders or site builders?

“Page builders” or “Site builders”? A big question, by the way.

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I assume you are talking about whether a plugin lets you build one page at a time or shows you the full site and lets you edit more things. There are also lots of options in between of course.

As far as ClassicPress is concerned these decisions are entirely up to plugin authors to provide them and individual users to install them.

There are plugins that live in the “edit a single post” part of wp-admin and replace TinyMCE. There are plugins like Elementor which gets more into full-site or at least WYSIWYG editing, and does a decent job at it.

If it becomes clear that community consensus prefers a specific option in all of that, then of course we will act accordingly. For now it seems to be best to keep a solid base with avenues open for optional enhancements. I don’t use these on my own sites for example because I like to keep the site structure and the database content as clean as possible.

Split off from Marketing Meeting Transcript: July 28, 2020 because I think this is a general question.