Petitions widget shows already implemented change as "planned"

I see this on my dashboard

For example Show Post/Page ID - #12 by james is implemented, yet the dashboard says it is planned.

Is this only on my install or do others see this too?
If so, is this expected or a problem with the specific petition thread status or a bug in the code?

Thanks for pointing this out. Petitions must be properly “completed” when they’re done:

  1. “planned” tag removed and “completed” tag added. This is what the widget looks at.
  2. Petition must be closed. This releases votes.
  3. The original request usually has “status” in the body. These were imported from previous petitions site. I like to edit it and change status to completed. It doesn’t affect anything, other than visitors seeing the correct status.

I’ve updated posts ID and plugin uploads petitions, which were part of 1.4.0. If you see any other ones, let me know.

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