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Continuing the discussion from Classic Commerce 1.0.0-alpha.3 release:

What is everyone’s thoughts on having a dedicated “Plugin Release” category, where only users in the plugin developers group can post?

I have been on the fence on this for a while, so would love some feedback.


Specifically pinging @plugin-developers and @theme-developers for their feedback as we would likely want to see something similar up for themes.

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That would mean that only Tim would be able to announce the plugin releases for Classic Commerce. Up to now I have been doing this but I’m not in the plugin developers group.


That is fair - would you want to join the plugin developers group, but still have “Website Developer” title set as the primary group?

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Yes, that’s an OK solution.


I was about asking for this :laughing: so for me is fine!


I think a plugin release or plugin news category might be helpful (and theme equivalent if required). At present, such announcements are made in the #plugins:plugin-support category along with a tag such as #classic-commerce but it would make sense to keep the support category free for support issues. We still need to use appropriate tags though.


I have set this up, I tried to move the threads I could find that were announcing releases but please let me know if I missed any.

I also set up a similar thing for themes, when I have a bit more time I will move the theme release threads to that new category too.


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