Re: Marketing Team Update September 2020

Continuing the conversation from Team Updates: September 2020.

Yes, but at first, IMHO, our own activity can be improved.

We can produce twice or more relevant tweets only by retweeting other tweets about us. Liking is OK, but it doesn’t put a liked tweet in front of our followers. More, retweeting shows to potential users, that there are much more interested users, they are not alone. The critical mass to the CP is crucial.

If I will be able to participate in the meeting, I want to discuss this more, because I see many missed opportunities to spread the word. But in the case I can’t, the message is “let’s retweet relevant tweets!”


You are welcome to participate in the meeting. I’m curious to know what tweets you’re talking about, because we already are retweeting relevant tweets. We do not retweet all tweets that hashtag us, but that is purposeful and we can discuss at the meeting. Thanks.