Redirections: Help Wanted!

We should ensure that links that currently go to WordPress actually point to ClassicPress instead. @viktor has made a start on listing the URLs that need redirecting, and I am attaching the list he’s drafted.

Core URLs.ods (21.2 KB)

Please take a look! If you have a suggestion about where a URL should be redirected to, please post the original and the redirect URL in this thread, and I’ll get the document updated.

Then I will work on making the redirects happen. Thanks!

I took a peek at the list, is this something where (most of) the pages will need to be created before they can be redirected?

Thanks for peeking! No, these are simply URLs in the core that we should redirect to a CP URL.

Right, but that is where I got lost or am missing something.
The WP pages that have corresponding pages on already seem to have that URL listed. The remaining WP pages do not have a CP page to point at (or I do not know where to look).

We don’t necessarily have to create like-for-like replacements, especially initially. We certainly could, but that would be an awful lot of effort. Instead, the idea is simply to redirect to the best available. If more pages then get written, we can change the redirections to the new URLs at the same time.