RFC / PEP mechanism for ClassicPress

We need to have something Request for Comments (RFC) or Python Enhancement Proposals (PEP) so we can demonstrate a clear case-study for each case we present.

Read-only archive: https://petitions.classicpress.net/posts/44/rfc-pep-mechanism-for-classicpress

Author: stefanos82

Vote count: 2

Status: open

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Does someone know what this is?

If not, we might/should close the petition?

From my understanding it is requesting something like this for CP: PHP: rfc:howto

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So it’s like a feature request / petition?

As far I read it’s about sending an email to a group and get feedback on how much my “rfc” is liked or disliked … so I guess we do have that here in form of the forum/petition, as far I understand- and thus probably not needed to further pursue.

Ya I think we are okay with the current petition process for now :+1:

Setting to close in 7 days instead of immediately as is our standard practice for closing petitions.

This could be interpreted as a way to refine and further organize the petitions process, for example a way to implement a “no” vote on petitions as suggested in another thread, but I think it would be better to raise small, specific changes to the petitions process as separate petitions.

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