Seo/sem & cp

I think SEO should be part of the core, not at the mercy of terrible plugin like Yoast. A fix for his recent images issue could be a good leverage point to bring users over. Also speed can be where this can Win. WP is bloated to say the least. What will happen now I dont know. Also thinks like Lean WP and Remove SEo bloat these plugins/logic really help remove all the missinformation from SEO plugins. I know for me this is the core and really only reason I sue WP over other CMS, its SEO positive out of the box, well kinda.

Im working on this now new domain coming. Whats there is what I do for every CMS or will be. SEO imo can be part of core and we can help win over new users with this.

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Sounds good to me. I’ll check it out.

Unfortunately I ran into issues I cant fix, all was going well until I tried to import some widget settings, im going to try a 100% reset. Up until then was working really well.

@niallflynn this suggestion to include more SEO features in the core software would be good for our petitions site so that people can vote on it. Please include details about which specific features you’d like to see here.

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I’ll just post some titles here to give you ideas.
#4550: Improve the page title and meta descriptions of theme author archives
#4549: Noindex’ing thin theme author indexes
#4548: Noindex empty support profile subpages
#4547: is a dead/empty template/page
#4546: Invalid date format requests to News URLs should 301 redirect
#4545: Make ‘homepages’ and paginated states omit canonical URL tags
#4544: Plugin tags with only one member should not be linked to
#4543: Plugin tag pages with fewer than 3 members should be noindex’d
#4542: Contributor references in news/announcement posts should have a trailing slash
#4541: Change the title formatting on Profile templates

These are the latest batch. Most are submitted by one person, so here is a link to a list of his tickets:!closed&reporter=jonoaldersonwp