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I’ve been using MainWP for quite a while, and it does its job quite well. It doesn’t scream when the client sites are CP not WP, and plugin updates are reasonably reliable (though sometimes one fails for no apparent reason and you have to resync).

But I’m not completely happy with it (despite buying a license) - the UI is very clunky and JavaScript-dependent, and has many long-standing bugs.

Is anyone using InfiniteWP where some of the connected client sites are CP? (ManageWP is out of the picture since it’s completely cloud-based and doesn’t support localhost)

Would you mind sharing briefly how CP is handled by the current version of InfiniteWP? Is it ignored, are there warnings, if so can you dismiss them, etc? This will tell me whether it’s worth spending an hour to install the free version and test it out.

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I used it for a while with CP, maybe a year ago. There weren’t any problems back then and it was OK. I just ended up deciding that I didn’t really need it as I have so few plugins, the ones I use I trust and auto-update was easier.

Edit. I don’t recall any warnings or issues with sites being CP.

Actually looking here: "Must Have" Plugins List
They are aware of CP and did test it quite a while ago. You can’t use it to update CP core files.

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Thanks for the topic link! Because IWP isn’t actually a plugin I didn’t think about looking for it there :slight_smile:

I’ll grab the latest version and see how it stacks up against MainWP these days.

I left InfiniteWP for MainWP years ago. IWP kept failing to create backups across multiple hosts. So I switched to MWP because I could use UpdraftPlus, which never fails me. Occasional disconnects are annoying but I had them with IWP, too.

MWP isn’t perfect, has a lot of issues, but you have more control over certain parts because you can use different plugins that integrate with it. Plus, developers are continually working on it and listen to community, especially in Facebook group.

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I don’t have Facebook (I hate when companies use FB as their main support channel - it’s like saying “we’re too lazy to care about your privacy”), and I’ve always found MainWP support to be slow and often unhelpful (the old “we can’t reproduce that here” comes up a lot). But yes, MainWP has its strengths.


“I hate when companies use FB as their main support channel”

Or Slack, or git, or Shacatook *, or local bar.

My experience with panels: with MainWP i had fewer problems than with others. Not perfect, but usable.

    • just invented this.

P.P. It’s just in my browser quoting didn’t work?


Have to agree with you there. To me, asking people to use git to do any interaction is the same as saying “We don’t want to hear from you unless you are a serious, experienced developer”.


It’s not really a support channel. It’s a community of users, just like this forum. But MainWP developers do chime in and reply occasionally.

My support with them was OK. Nothing great, but adequate. Haven’t had to use it in a while.

I also used to use MainWP but stopped using it when v4 came along. I thought the new “improved” interface was clumsy. But prior to that, I actually liked the product. And the fact that it runs on localhost was a major bonus.

I did contact them a few times to ask for full support for CP but I always got a “it’s on the list response”. Time to try again I think.

I also agree with the comments about Facebook not being a support forum. I simply won’t use it. But at least MainWP does have its own dedicated forum.


I’ve used InfiniteWP for about 3 years, and the majority of sites I take care of are CP. Pretty happy with it.
BTW, I do not use it for site backups, only for plugin updates.


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