Stripe integration for classic commerce?

I’ve been searching the forums where I could and I only found this plugin to be supporting stripe for CP:

But, the plugin itself shows “unsupported by CP” notice when attempting to install.

I can certainly upload it as a zip file, but I dont want to have code errors on :')

Thanks for any suggestion.

@arnandegans what do you use for payments with your Classic Commerce instance?

These, note the version numbers.

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Thanks for sharing Arnan.

@prak142 see screenshot above. WooCommerce Stripe Gateway (v5.5.0) works with Classic Commerce.

Any time - @prak142 you may need to set it to the right API version in your stripe account.
Check with Stripe support for how that works there should be a version indication in the API menus somewhere.

I think I use the version with 2020 or 2021 in it, after upgrading from the one from 2016. I believe the latest gateway plugins use a version with 2023 in it (or will soon) which is not compatible.

For anyone using an older version of WooCommerce Stripe Gateway plugin, a vulnerability was fixed in 7.4.1. The best option is to apply the patch manually at this time:

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