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I have a client site that’s not updated yet. I have a plugin that is blocking updates. I have a feeling if I disable it, it will immediately start updating to 4.9.9. Can I switch over to CP while still having the Disable Updates plugin active and then turn it off once switched over?

Technically switching over to CP is not an “update” so is it safe for me to go ahead and switch over to CP while still blocking updates and then disable it once I activate ClassicPress?

This looks like basically the same question/issue as Unable to Switch to ClassicPress.

Technically switching over to CP is an update:

Depending on the plugin, it may already listed in our documentation as conflicting with the migration process: https://docs.classicpress.net/installing-classicpress/#plugin-conflicts

If not, please let us know.

It’s also not a problem to allow the site to update to WP 4.9.9 before you do the migration.

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okay that’s what I was worried about

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