Well, its better than penisland.net or expertsexchange.com I guess.

Actually I like .cc too… nice alliteration. But I agree that the uk ones might be more appropriate. We can always write is as ClassicCommerce.whatever to make it a bit clearer.


Yeah, you really have to write out and speak domain names. There are a lot of traps to fall into, like yours and mumstalking.com and therapist.com

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GoDaddy seems to think it’s good


That’s good. My registrar (Synergy) has it for A$36.50 pa.


namecheap.com has it for A$8 first year, then $13/yr after that.

They also have free whois protection. I have all my domains with them.

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I can sponsor domain registration if needed. We sell domains to our clients, so I get a decent price on them. It does include free privacy protection, email forwarding, even 2 free emails.

Can also throw in WordPress hosting for the site if needed.

ClassicCommerce.cc sounds pretty good.


Sounds good. I was just about to register it. Glad you made the post, as you have the added value option.

It may not get used for quite a while, depending on how a fork goes and the committee don’t have the time to tackle Woocommerce at the moment.

It would be a shame to see it go to someone else instead of us.


We have ClassicCommerce.cc :grinning:


Thanks viktor - I like it!

And I’ve just found out it’s a sneaky Australian name too:

.cc is the top-level domain for Cocos (Keeling) Islands, an Australian territory of 5.4 square miles (14 km2; 1,400 ha) and about 600 inhabitants.

Looks like a nice spot. Let me know if you want me to go out there and set up a head office.


It does look nice, wouldn’t mind working out of that office.

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Oh yeah. I’m almost done…LOL

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Thanks, James. I just added the latest version and have preserved the commit history. I will start working on the develop branch to do some cleanup and update the docblocks similar to what’s been done with the ClassicPress docblocks.

I’ve also been thinking of designing a new logo to replace the WooCommerce one. I am not a graphic designer but could come up with something. Or is anyone else interested?

ClassicCommerce Logo
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I have moved the logo discussion to a new thread :slight_smile:


My concern about this is that many people use (and rely on) extensions with WooCommerce. How would we know which of these extensions will still work OK with a fork? For example I use Taxamo, it would be disastrous if that suddenly didn’t work and customers suddenly paid wrong or no EU digital tax.


We could ask extensions devs to support classic commerce… But that after cp v1 release to be more credible.
A viable option could be to gradually implement those features in classic commerce via extensions… This could be also a good revenue model for the people who will contribute to classiccommerce. The classiccommerce core can be free to use and could be extended via paid extensions maintained from the same devs.


WooCommerce should work fine with v1.0, but once v2.0 comes out, it’s likely to have issues since v2.0 will introduce breaking changes. That’s why a fork is or will be necessary later.

v1.0 will be LTS (long-term support), so as long as a plugin works with WordPress 4.9.8 it should work just fine with ClassicPress v1.x


As @deckerweb has explained here, WooCommerce continues to head in directions that flagrantly flout the GDPR. Such behavior will rule it out completely for anyone based in the EU or doing business with individuals in the EU.


@viktor woo has been forked under the classiccommerce name for cp. That is why I was suggesting that slowly the team doing this adopts some of the extensions and forks them offering them as a paid option to extend classiccommerce functionalities.

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Thanks for posting it, haven’t seen it yet.

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