Wordfence and ClassicPress

@pieter I am moving your email to a dedicated post so I can reference it in the future :slight_smile:

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Ahhhhh, such a democratic system

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First of all, love your name. Secondly, “Out Of Box?”

I’d laugh if I could. That’s why Sucuri and WordFence rule the roost when it comes to WP security. I’ll reach out to Mark Maunder at WordFence and then Sucuri and see if any of them will respond.

I think at this point, it’s very clear that Mr. Mullenweig has heard the siren call of investors and stake holders telling him he must compete with Wix asap; and is sending everyone and anyone who gets in his way under the proverbial bus. Hence all that’s occurred. As much as I love kindness and generosity of spirit as a Buddhist, as someone who’s grown up around military personnel and worked for many “old school” marketing agencies I also see the value in reading between the lines and knowing that untrustworthy critters can lurk in tall grass as they say. I wouldn’t put it past anyone at Automattic (and their subsidiaries) to play nasty with CP. Therefore, I would not afford them the opportunity.

Update on this: https://make.wordpress.org/support/2018/12/concerning-forks-and-recommendations-on-the-forums/

As mentioned in the post, we encourage anyone having issues with the WP forums to reach out to them on https://make.wordpress.org/chat/ in the #forums channel.

Yes, “Out of Box”. No detected issues since I switched to CP three days ago.

Do you know the source of my name?

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I am afraid to ask.

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Is that so? :grinning:
I thought you knew! It’s just a character of the 1980s UK TV-Show “The Comic Strip Presents”, but now we are far off topic, so let’s stop here.


I’ve added my voice to the WordFence/ClassicPress thread on the WP support forum. Probably a busy time for them so might take a while to get anything back.

Meanwhile I’ve loaded up All in One Security on a site and it looks good too. Happy to go along with whoever comes to the party. :yum:


How would one be able to “Please support ClassicPress” on the WordFence (or any other plugin) support page without spamming them and therefore harming the idea behind it (supporting CP)?

Any advice on this, cats?


Just make a single post asking about it and you should be fine. If you’re not moving from thread to thread and adding virtually the same comment, it’s hard to think it would be seen as spam. If a lot of different users are asking for CP support, that’s also not spam…it’s a trend. :slight_smile:





I’ve seconded your post @Webrockers - I should also point out though that we do have some very good alternatives now - as listed here (Shield is free and I’m using that on all my sites)…

By the way… welcome to the forums! :smiley:


This was just posted on that issue:

Thanks for the feedback!

We have been closely monitoring the forums, blog post comments, and support tickets. We assure you that all requests are being documented.

Currently there are no plans to support ClassicPress. Though this may change with the influx of forum posts and interest in ClassicPress.

We ask for patience and understanding in the meantime!



So I suggest you investigate one of the CP-friendly alternatives listed above.

WF is still working fine on my site. I use MalCare’s free version to check the core files every day, so that makes complete protection. The LiveTraffic feature is indispensable for troubleshooting.

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By the way, my post adding support for this request seems to have been “moderated” out.

Not much point WordFence “closely monitoring forums” if we aren’t able to post mention of it. :zipper_mouth_face:

Anyway, I’m quite happy with Shield.


I use it now. Works without flaws and I am more comfortable with Ninja Firewall rules than WordFence 30 days delayed rules. Some folks reported superior results in catching malicious requests, maybe because of that.

Just can’t decide, which firewall is better - Ninja Firewall or Cerber security. So, I have both installed :slight_smile: