WP IMPORTER is not working properly

I ran into a problem with the wp importer
My first problem appeared when importing posts and pages
Imports post titles and everything else but not post content and pages
The content of posts and pages is empty
What is the problem and how can it be corrected

The WP importer taken from WP no longer works since it requires wp 5+.
There is a fork that @viktor was making for WP (and the link is somewhere in this forum but for the life of me I am not able to find it), or you can use an outdated version of the plugin stating support for WP 4.9

Another solution might be WP all import plugin (supports WP 4.1 and above) that allows importing of the XML files in CP.

I use the importer from THIS link, or version 0.7
Then maybe the WP exporter didn’t do the job right

Question: Are you exporting from a WP to CP?
If yes, then you should use the Migration Plugin.
This page explains the process of migrating a WP site to CP.
The Migration Plugin supports migrating up to WP 6.1.1, this means that you should see all green flags when installing it and you are good to go. It might warn you of non-compatible plugins, in that case you will have to change them to CP supported ones or use an outdated version of them to migrate.

That’s the correct link. Which version of CP and PHP are you using? So we can test and check it.

Server from where I export posts, pages PHP 7.4, (I can change it to 8.1),
Import server is localhost XAMPP 7.1.9 (latest version for win 7)
And classicpress is 1.5.2 on both servers
And I accidentally discovered that in the editing option, both visual and text are empty
But in the preview option, everything is visible as normal, which can be seen from the video