Bulletproof Security Pro and ClassicPress?


Hello, and many thanks for creating this fork of Wordpress. I’m waiting on migration script to and from WPv5 before testing on one of my sites, but like the community led nature of this project.

I see there’s been some discussion of Wordfence, but I’m using BPS Pro on all my sites for security, so asked on their forums whether there were likely to be issues using it with ClassicPress, see


for the plugin author’s response. Hopefully others in the WP community will be equally helpful.

I’m also using Comet Cache Pro, Slimstat Analytics, and WP-SpamShield plugins on most of my sites, has anyone tested ClassicPress with these yet?

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Plugins Confirmed Working on ClassicPress v1
Wordfence and ClassicPress

I’m using WP-Spamshield with no problems. Still no spam in my inbox. :slight_smile:


I’m using All in One WP Security and have had no problems.


Many thanks for the feedback.

I’ve now migrated my first site to ClassicPress and its running just fine using the following plugins as far as I can see:

Akismet Anti-Spam
BulletProof Security Pro
Comet Cache Pro
Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades
GDPR Cookie Consent
MainWP Child
Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions
Slimstat Analytics
The Events Calendar
User Allowed IP Addresses

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