Don't upgrade Rankmathseo

If you are running Rankmathseo, which I currently am, the latest update to version (and possibly is no longer compatible with classicpress. This is the reply I got and the solution from the forum on WP.

"Thank you for contacting the support and sorry for the issue you are facing.

It seems like the new PHP functions which we used have broken the Meta Box for any WordPress version below 5.0

You can either update the WordPress to the latest version, which is very much recommended, or you can follow the following steps to install the older version of the plugin:
0. Take a backup of your website.

1. Download and install ‘Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades’ plugin

2. Download Rank Math SEO v1.0.28 from here:

3. Upload it from the WordPress Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New

4. It will automatically replace the old version with the new RC version.

You will not lose any settings or data from the Rank Math plugin and if anything goes unplanned, you can always restore the backup.

We will see if we can fix that issue, otherwise, we might have to drop the support of anything lower than 5.0 as the upcoming updates to the Rank Math plugin are aimed towards front end page builders.

You can always use the Classic Editor plugin with the latest version of WordPress to use the old editor.

I hope you understand and this helps."

The Development version seems to work okay for the moment, but not sure where this leaves users of this, which personally I was very pleased with, finding a bit improvement over yoast, if they don’t change track.

Of course in my reply to them confirming that the development version worked ok, stated I was actually on classicpress and was hoping they would continue development for us or at least maintain 4.9.8 compatibility.

I’m using RankMath ( on a couple of CP sites and I’m not seeing any issues with metaboxes. Is there a specific issue I should be looking for?

Well for me it was not being able to add the focus keywords, and also you would only see the tabs “general”, “Advanced”, “Rich Snippet”, “Social”, but when you clicked on them, it would display anything so I was unable to edit the snippet.

Perhaps I was an isolated case, or the update didn’t update properly, although someone has mentioned it as well on the WP forum experiencing the same problem, but it might be worth keeping an eye on.

Especially as they say they are planning some upgrades in the near future.

When deactivating the plugin you are asked why and so i replied:
ClassicPress user - installing the previous version.

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Thanks for the heads-up, I can confirm this happens on my site too.

Looks like we can’t trust Rank Math to be CP-friendly in the future, so I think I’ll revert to All In One SEO (I was only trying out Rank Math on one site). I never like running old plugin versions in case a vulnerability is exposed.

You saved me, I almost installed it

I was happy with rankmath. Seems I need a replacement.

This is a little surprising since they have been mentioned in another post by @BlueSkyPhoenix as being supportive of CP.

Hopefully it is an inadvertent upgrade glitch and they will fix it soon.


I would love to know when this is fixed, Kinda like the plug


Perhaps it is fixed now.


@anon95694377 just posted 4 hours ago confirming the bug. It’s probably still outstanding…

…and welcome to ClassicPress!

Ahh, OK. I misinterpreted and thought it interfered with other metaboxes. I am seeing the inability to ‘open’ the General, Advanced, Rich Snippet, and Social tabs.

I’m trying out The SEO Framework. Anyone have any experience with it?

I tried it, but preferred Rank Math - hopefully they continue to support CP.

That’s the problem: RankMath no longer works with CP.
And from their response, it doesn’t seem like they intend to make it work again.

I realize that, what I meant was I am hoping for a change of course. I have about 10 sites running Rank Math that I really don’t feel like switching over since I feel as though I just moved from Yoast. Obviously if they decide that is the route they wish to go I will need to find a replacement, but for now at least I am holding out a little bit of hope.

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Maybe I should try it now, what do you think?

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No, it’s still borked.

But I know what they did wrong.

There’s a bunch of JS files that they still have in their plugin directories as files but they no longer properly include. Not tested for functionality right now, but if you force include:


on the admin interface, the tabs appear and function again.


Just to update what has happened to me, if you go and dowload the development version and upload, it still works. (Instructions are in one of my posts earlier with instructions from Rankmath.)

As for a follow up from Ranksmath after I confirmed the development versions worked was this:

Hello @jason1308

We have added a comment on our website related to it:

If we are able to add compatibility without sacrificing the performance, we will definitely do in an upcoming update, otherwise, we will have to stop the support since the upcoming updates will be geared more towards the frontend page builders.

Also, the plans of the pro version also include those enhancements.

I hope you understand and we are extremely sorry for the inconvenience that might have been caused due to this.

If there’s anything else, please feel free to open a new support topic and we will be more than happy to assist.

Thank you.

Perhaps some one from the community, could try and put pressure on them highlighting that they could be a big fish in a little pool over here as compared to a little fish in a big pool over there (WP)


I have been using it for several years. It has produced excellent results on the sites where I’ve used it. But the developer has already made clear that he has no plans to support ClassicPress directly. It’s simply a case of if it works, it works. Currently, it still does.

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