Include a page builder friendly theme in the installation package

As I have had the opportunity to discuss this with another participant, I think it would be worth considering the inclusion of a basic theme and a theme built with multiple page builders in mind.

The idea stems from a free theme already available on Repository ( Page Builder Framework – WordPress theme | ). While I understand there is resistance to builders due to the Gutenberg issue, page builders are a very active part of the WordPress ecosystem.

I personally think that including a theme that is built for use with multiple free and paid page builders would be a valuable asset in helping people begin building their site(s).

This doesn’t involve making any changes to core. It isn’t something that is automatically activated. It’s just a useful tool I think would be nice to see included in the installation package.

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Not sure why this is is back. I the thought we closed it but obviously not… I propose to close this now as „off topic“.

A theme can’t be „ built for use with multiple free and paid page builders“.
It’s the whole point of a page builder to either work with any theme or provide their own themes.

If the page or site builder does require special integration in a theme then it’s not CP core theme job to provide that (and impossible, as there’d be to many possibilities to cover) and also, it would be by definition a bad page builder (and anyway: there’s but one page builder who actually is working with ClassicPress. So it’s a waste of time spending more thought on any weird integration that will only cause lots of work and never be satisfactory for all different page builders)