List of Plugins Developed for ClassicPress

This is for GitHub plugins specifically developed for ClassicPress

We have compiled a list in a Google sheet of plugins that have been specifically developed for ClassicPress.

The list can be viewed here:

What to do if you wish to request a plugin be added to the list

Firstly, please double-check that the plugin isn’t already listed. Then, please use this form:

Please do not post a request here on the forums.

What plugins does this list cover?

This list builds on the work carried out by @Code_Potent in Master list of plugins built specifically for ClassicPress. The plugins in this list form the basis for the new list.

It does not, however, include any plugins that are also published on the WordPress plugin repository as these will be included in the Plugins Compatible with ClassicPress list.

What about self-hosted plugins or plugins on other repository hosting services?

Unfortunately, there are no immediate plans to maintain a list of plugins hosted anywhere other than GitHub. However, this is likely to be reviewed when time and resources permit. For more information, please read this thread Plugin Directory Rules.

What about plugins published on the WordPress plugins repository that are known to work well with ClassicPress?

Please see Plugins Compatible with ClassicPress.

What about commercial or freemium plugins?

There are no immediate plans to maintain a list of commercial or freemium plugins but again, this could well be revisited if and when time permits.

How accurate is this list?

It’s as accurate as you make it. If you have developed a plugin specifically for ClassicPress and want it to be listed in our plugin directory, then let us know about it by making a submission using the above form.

In order to keep the list as accurate as possible, you do need to have a forum account to make a submission. This is a mandatory field on the form. Any submissions with an invalid username will be discarded.

What next?

Please consider this a temporary interim solution. We are also working on a web version. More details about that will follow shortly.


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