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Yes, that base is huge. Could CP tap into that demographic? Of course. I feel I’ve already gone into ways that could market could be delved into.

Right. I think Jeff Star is the guy who did that plugin. Could CP develop a plugin that could simply install and activate CP as the new CMS and put that on the repository? And if it would be permitted, has anyone tried?

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You mean like the ClassicPress migration plugin?
And simply put it in the repository of the company that deletes requests of plugin developers to support ClassicPress?

Why not? It’s fun. Just document the process (screenshots) and write a blog post. Classic PR strategy (pun not intended).

I am not sure I am following…

@voltaire seemed to be asking if a plugin could be created and submitted to the Wordpress Plugin Repository, but they delete support requests asking about ClassicPress support.

Such a plugin would never be accepted.


Going for a walk with my dogs is fun. Riding my bike is fun. Having a beer with a friend is fun.
Trying to get the ClassicPress migration plugin on the WP repository: not fun, just wasted time.


So the Migration Plugin violates this rule right off the bat because we call our API to install CP (which gets it from GitHub):

But if we packaged CP within the plugin we may be able to get around that, but then we would probably be at the very least violating this rule:

Well, Ray, if you did it just like that in and of itself nobody would know what it is or does. It would have no context. If you submit the plugin to the WP Repository as a solution to Gutenberg, with Gutenberg in the description, also in the title, more people would undoubtedly use it who are looking for Gutenberg solutions. That’s what we used to call “native marketing,” using what you already have to market more effectively.

If my goal was to get more CP users, I would certainly post the plugin in the WP repository (provided I would be permitted to do it) as a “WordPress Without Gutenberg CMS.” That would undoubtedly attract more users and more downloads of the plugin. If it’s possible to then submit that same plugin to the same repository under different headers or titles, I would do so, again, as a solution to Gutenberg - not as something nobody knows or has no context for.

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That would seem a logical conclusion. So if it cannot be done (which may or may not be so), that individual plugin could certainly be advertised on Facebook to WordPress/Gutenberg Support Groups as a permanent, “no stress” solution. This is simply a single marketing strategy, not a plan; but one that is very easy to execute requiring very minimal investment time-wise or financially. CP can very easily be seen as a “Gutenberg solution” just as much, if not more so, than a “business CMS.”

If they will not permit submitting it to the repo, fine, that’s their prerogative. However, if there is a way to submit it so that it has a chance of being there, and that effort can be resolved quickly, it may be worth the minimal effort. Secondly, the idea is to get CP in front of WP users to gain users, hence visibility. Whatever will accomplish that goal should be on the table.

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Let’s see it as pure marketing move.*

*If you are in marketing for 25+ years, everything looks like marketing opportunity.

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We have tried to get the migration plugin into the WP repo already. Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t accepted. I doubt this is something we could change regardless of how we structure the plugin, and including all of ClassicPress with the plugin also has some significant drawbacks.

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Moving this back after thread spilt:

If someone wants to take a lead on this, that would be great. I wouldn’t think we would need a marketing budget since it would really just be dropping into groups and posting about it when it comes up.



All plugins are inspected by an actual person before inclusion in the directory. They may miss security issues from time to time, but, I doubt they’d miss an obvious trojan horse. Even if the plugin could squeak right within the rules, they’d just change the rules (like we saw recently) to ensure it doesn’t get in.

Yes, I wasn’t thinking about infiltrating the WP system when I made the comment. It was really just a random thought about how to connect with the 4+ million users of the Classic Editor plugin. At some point they will get a rude awakening.

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No, I know that’s not what you meant… my choice of words wasn’t the greatest. Apologies. I think there will come a point where the term ClassicPress doesn’t bring up any results. Our days are pretty numbered over there.

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AFAIR, we already had a healthy and hearty discussion about a dropping plugin into the Plugin Repository that comes with a full-blown CP install at its neck (or remote-loads it from Github) … and yes, it probably would fail. Hard.

Alas, the PR stunt / impact and outcome would be a nice one to watch. Although we’d more people to help out :slight_smile:
Generally speaking, having more ACTIVE participants for CP, in any kind of PR spiel, would help the recognition and popularity rate (not necessarly acception) of CP tremendiously along.

cu, w0lf.

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