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Hi there :slight_smile:
I’m new to ClassicPress and I’m trying to learn. I have a small questions about the process for the plugins : if I understand CP still uses the repository of WP plugins, but will be a tag to know if a plugin is tested and compatible with CP specifically ?




There is a list of plugins confirmed working with ClassicPress here.

There is also a list of plugins built specifically for ClassicPress here.

Should give you a head start.


thank you ! :slight_smile: I will check that
I’m a developper so I would be interested in developping some ClassicPress plugins (I already have few for WP)
If I understand the main difference is the support for Gutenberg


At the top of the list in the second link, there is an expandable section that explains how to submit a plugin. :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome, @ced1870 – and thanks for linking those lists, @Mick!

That’s correct. When you search for plugins in your dashboard, you’re searching the WP plugin directory. There is a dedicated directory planned for ClassicPress, as well, although it’s likely that plugins from WP will still be discoverable along with those in the CP directory for some time to come. I’m not sure a decision has been made on how long CP dashboards will includes WP directory results – plugins that work with WP 4.9.x will work on CP 1.x.x, so, it makes sense to keep these results around quite a while.

Some developers have added the term ClassicPress to their readme.txt files in plugins hosted at WP to make them more discoverable. This isn’t anything official, it’s just something that works for the time being.

Some of us (plugin devs) aren’t bothering with the WP directory anymore and are just hosting on GitHub or our own sites until the CP directory is realized. Here’s how I’ve listed my ClassicPress plugins for now.

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thank you for the infos ! I will check the readme.txt
Currently my plugins are listed in the WP repo, but may be that one day CP will have its own repo and then I will be there :slight_smile:

Yes, this is the plan. The ClassicPress plugin directory is in the discussion and planning stage now, for more info see the subforum dedicated to this project:


I’ve added a ClassicPress tag to my WordPress plugins; and also a question in the FAQS.

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I have checked the plugins in my new ClassicPress website, but all plugins have the " Compatible avec votre version de ClassicPress" feature. So for now nothing to do to be compatible as far as I see

Is there a documentation area (wiki, codex or something) where we will find all instructions and infos about coding and other features ?
This would be great to answer such questions (how to make your plugin compatible, how to submit your plugins in the repo when it will be availabled , etc)