Plugins Confirmed Working on ClassicPress v1


Good one. I may have a use for this on I site I’m re-working. We are still trying to decide the way to go, but one option is directing new users to a hidden registration form. A honeypot would be a very worthwhile addition.


@ozfiddler, one thing to consider about a hidden registration form…

Unfortunately, if a link to the registration form is displayed anywhere on the site, a bot will find it. If you completely hide it, then you’d have to send potential users an email with the registration URL, so, it would effectively be invite-only. No worries, though – the honeypot technique used in the plugin will save your bacon. I just wrote it this morning and already, for the first time since I launched my site, no spam accounts to delete! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @codepotent. It’s a subscription site with private content and my idea was to use a simple subscription signup button with PayPal and then use the “return url on successful payment” field to send them to a private registration form. So, yes, invite-only.


I’m not sure if this is the right place to post, but I was looking if the eventsmanager plugin is going to support ClassicPress.
Right now it is working but they answered they are not sure that they will support ClassicPress in the future.

Here is the answer:


Currently We can’t guarantee that We will support ClassicPress. You could always Install the Classic Editor if you don’t want to use the Guttenberg.

Events Manager Pro Support


If “always” mean really always, these days the Eternity lasts less than 3 years. Does this apply to wedding?


I’m not sure if I understood everything correctly, I’m not native … Sorry
I wrote to the support of Events Manager Pro Plugin that I currently switch all my customer sites to ClassicPress and was only asking if they would support ClassicPress, because some of my clients use this plugin.
And then I read the answer of the support team and had to lough…


You understand correctly. To the support team the term “always” means “less than 3 years”.


Here are some that work fine ( till now ) and are updated normally.
Disqus for WordPress
Google XML Sitemaps
Ko-Fi Button
No Right Click Images Plugin
Photoswipe Masonry
RCD-Right Click Disabler for WordPress
Slimstat Analytics
Thin Out Revisions ( the funny thing is that this one stopped working in WP when they changed the editor. When I switched to CP it started working again).
WP Media Category Management


Thanks @Marialena.S


Secondary Title by Kolja Nolte, Mailchimp for Wordpress by ibericode, Contact Form 7 Datepicker by Aurel Canciu and 404page - your smart custom 404 error page by Peter Raschendorfer all work fine with CP

Sidenote: I checked the plugin page, seems datepicker might be abandoned. So, while it does work, I don’t know if it belongs on the list.

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Thanks @klein
I’ve included the datepicker as it does currently work.


I have tested the plugins that I’m developping, they are working fine on ClassicPress :slight_smile:

Here is the list :

  • Accordeon Menu CK
  • Carousel CK
  • Cookies CK
  • Image Effect CK
  • Mediabox CK
  • Mobile Menu CK
  • Scroll To CK
  • Slideshow CK
  • Template Creator CK
  • Tooltip CK

I will follow the next versions for sure, and happy to see this project ! Thank you for your work


Thanks @ced1870, I’ve added your plugins to the list.


Just received an answer from Wonderplugins:

*I see ClassicPress is pretty new. I think it probably won’t make any dramatic change to make all plugins incompatible before getting popular, otherwise it will be hard for the project to survive. *

*We will keep a close eye on the project and if possible make our plugins compatible with the project.
Kind regards

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Not heard back from the plugins authors but I’m having 0 issue with both Master Slider (Free Version) and Lightweight Grid Columns (Author has confirmed plugin will continue to work with the classic editor but unsure what this might mean going forward).


Welcome to ClassicPress, @Fitzish, and thanks for the plugin information.


Everest Gallery and Postie are working as expected.


Thanks @klein


ced1870 plugins working, but still in development though? :thinking: Should they be added yet?

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