Plugins Confirmed Working on ClassicPress v1


I’m going to go cross-eyed if I try and take in everything listed so far, but here is what I’m using with no problems. (Note - I’ve just un-Jetpacked my site, so a few of these are new, but they seem OK) :slight_smile:

All In One SEO Pack
Column Shortcodes
Companion Revision Manager
Contact Form 7
Drop Cap Shortcode
Email Subscribers & Newsletters
Exclude Pages From Menu
Hyper Cache
iThemes Security
miniOrange 2 Factor Authentication
NextGEN Gallery
NextGEN Plus
Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions
Responsive WordPress Slider - Soliloquy Lite
Social Media and Share Icons (Ultimate Social Media)
Spam Destroyer
WP Like button
WP Power Stats


No need for you to filter out duplicates @Zooey; I can easily do it in the master spreadsheet.


Estimated Read Time is built specifically for ClassicPress – for displaying estimated read times on articles and summaries. Located on GitHub, not the WP repo.


Carbon Copy is another utility plugin I whipped up for ClassicPress. It allows you to duplicate posts, pages, or custom post types (taxonomy and meta, too) with one-click.

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Is there a list somewhere of plugins whose authors have made any kind of statement or even commitment about CP support?


Yes, we are compiling a list of what we see as important plugins to have, and some solutions as they become available…


Nice touch in :

This plugin is compatible with ClassicPress.”

This should become the standard behaviour. Recommended for all plugin developers.


Every plugin that doesn’t have Gutenberg code is compatible by default, so, this isn’t really necessary – certainly not to the level of a standard. :wink: The standard recommendation for ClassicPress plugins will probably be to upload them to the ClassicPress Plugin Directory, though I’m just guessing.


@CodePotent Yes, but I am 99% sure, that a person who affirms in WP plugin directory about compatibility with CP, will upoad this plugin to WP plugin directory too. And, knowing WP attitude, such statement is quite brave :slight_smile: We need such affirmations.


Yes, I agree… it’s great to see. Not only that there are developers supporting CP, but that they are also giving some publicity within WP to the existence and acceptance of CP as an alternative. Good stuff.