Plugins Confirmed Working on ClassicPress v1

Thanks @Jaime and @JerryNidzo

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I have migrated one website so far, and on a host that does not support error logging. That will change in a couple of months, when I will be able to migrate the website to another server. So I will try to test my ClassicPress installation on a staging server in the meantime.

I have about 30 plugins, which I see work perfectly so far. The only one that is not fully compatible is the firewall plugin, Shield (Shield Security.

It does no recognize the core files. It has a feature that scans the core files and compare them to the official ones on the repository. So it detected the ClassicPress files as not beeing legitimate WordPress files. Other than that it works fine.

I will try to contact the plugin developers and ask them if the plan to support ClassicPress.

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I had contacted myself iControlWP / Shield a few weeks ago: at that time, they had no intent of supporting CP. However, depending upon demand, they might be open to reconsider. Thus I encourage you to contact them indeed: more requests they receive, more they may be inclined to reconsider.

Otherwise, possibly the free Sucuri plugin might fulfill the same role - at least in part. Or if you want a security plugin combined with external backups, the (paid) BlogVault plans now offer the option of security features (at an additional cost), although I have not tested them. BlogVault supports CP and has explicitly stated they intend to do so in the future too.


@jfmayer Thank you for the information. I will post a support topic on the WP forum, but they are prioritizing premium clients now.

Since I cannot put the website online without a security solution, I will try Sucuri or MalCare. The last one says it supports CP.

The other plugin I can say it does not support CP yet its UpdraftPlus, because when I restored a CP backup it came out as a WP 4.9. Perhaps another solution such as BlogVault or similar can help me.-

I will try to post the plugins that are working once I’m sure of them


Malcare is the security-focused label for BlogVault. If you go for Malcare “Plus” plan, it includes the BlogVault backup and migration tools. And BlogVault migration is really great, the best tool that I have found for that purpose. But try it yourself and see. It is true that it is not cheap, but the rates for multiple sites are attractive. It depends how many you have.

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Re. security plugins, I am using Bulletproofsecurity Pro as a security plugin on all my WP sites, and three I’ve moved to CP with no issues. Developer is supportive of fixing issues if they arise - see thread at

BPS Pro is a one-off payment for unlimited sites at very reasonable cost, and there’s also a free version.

Its fairly complex at first, but very full-featured and effective

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I looked at Bulletproof and it is indeed “fairly complex”. I found it a little daunting, but it’s great that the developer has committed to making sure it will continue to work with CP.

I have WordFence on most of my sites and that’s fine as long as you unset 2 of the security scans that check for unknown/changed files.

Another one I tried is All In One WP Security - this worked straight out of the box and has quite a nice, friendly interface.

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@jfmayer I uninstalled Shield and gave Malcare a try. The free version, because I have only one CP website. It’s somehow limited, but I cannot complain. It has three features, a malware scanner, a firewall and a login protection. They work “out of the box” on their cloud. Thank you for your advice.

@robf I will give a try to Bulletproof Security, if I can test the free version. Shield was not simple to configure, but I miss its capabilities. And the possibility to tweak many areas of the website, not just the malware scanner; for example, smart comments captchas, or Content-Security-Policy HTTP headers.

@ozfiddler Wordfence never worked for me. Next in the list is All In One WP Security. Thanks


Let us know which one you prefer.

I’m currently checking out BulletProofSecurity again. Starting to find my way around.

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I just had a reply from InfiniteWP as follows:

Thanks so much for your patience. We tested the basic functionalities on ClassicPress, and it looks like IWP is compatible with the ClassicPress.

The only issue it that you wouldn’t be able to update the ClassicPress core via IWP admin panel. You can update your plugins and themes without any problems.

Backup and restores are working like a charm.

Kindly try using our solution on your ClassicPress sites and let me know if you encounter any difficulties further.

No mention of supporting CP into the future, but at least they know we exist now.


A natural follow-up here would be to 1) explain that ClassicPress uses the same function names, filters, etc as the WordPress update system, and 2) ask if they will add support for ClassicPress updates.

Thanks for contacting InfiniteWP!


Just sent a follow-up with those points.


Safe SVG works like a charm, as do Simple Breadcrumbs, Quiz and Survey Master and Reusable Content & Text Blocks by Loomisoft

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Another reply from InfiniteWP:

Yes, we would definitely consider adding full support for ClassicPress in the near future. Right now, our developers are busy with the development work for version 3. So for now, I will add your request to our Trello board and based on the popularity of the requests, we’ll consider implementing it in the future.


Username Protection – built specifically for ClassicPress.


Just letting you know that our security plugin, Shield Security v7, now fully supports ClassicPress v1. This also includes support for the core file scanner that would normally work with WordPress core files.

Plugin on -


thanks @Paul for making Shield Security compatible with ClassicPress

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No worries! Glad to help in a small way at least…


Thanks @klein, @anon71687268 and @Paul

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I’m going to go cross-eyed if I try and take in everything listed so far, but here is what I’m using with no problems. (Note - I’ve just un-Jetpacked my site, so a few of these are new, but they seem OK) :slight_smile:

All In One SEO Pack
Column Shortcodes
Companion Revision Manager
Contact Form 7
Drop Cap Shortcode
Email Subscribers & Newsletters
Exclude Pages From Menu
Hyper Cache
iThemes Security
miniOrange 2 Factor Authentication
NextGEN Gallery
NextGEN Plus
Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions
Responsive WordPress Slider - Soliloquy Lite
Social Media and Share Icons (Ultimate Social Media)
Spam Destroyer
WP Like button
WP Power Stats