Update failed - PCLZIP error

Got this on two sites I tried to update.

Downloaded the zip file and it extracted okay. Did the manual update with no problems.

Any idea what might be causing this? Maybe a wrong setting in my user.ini or php.ini?

No errors showing in cPanel or error log file.

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After doing some searching on Google, it pointed to either a curl or memory limit problem.

Contacted the web host and they had not installed curl for PHP 7.2

Problem fixed.


Hi @Mick.
Nice to see that is sorted already.

Yes it is a good hosting company. Giving them an idea where the problem might be, meant it was fixed within half an hour of opening a ticket.


Do you want to give them a shout out? I’m curious to know who the hosting company was…

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Sure. They’re a Singapore company I use for my reseller account https://www.hostinglah.com/

Very affordable and helpful.


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I’ve been seeing this issue on one of my servers, and so has @timkaye. Thanks to @invisnet for helping me figure out what was going on here. The underlying problem is this issue with the library that WordPress and ClassicPress use to perform outgoing requests:

Installing cURL fixes the issue, since in that case the Requests library no longer falls back to the fsockopen function to make outgoing requests. However, since for now we support servers without cURL installed, it may be worth adding a workaround:

Full Slack discussion from today:

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