What is the difference between ClassicPress and WordPress?


I searched for something, but found Classicpress, so I am quite curious what is classicpress indeed.

what I can found upon documentation at https://docs.classicpress.net, is much less.

So, I just want to know what is the difference actually between wordpress.


1.Performance improvement?
2.is it compatible with the themes and plugins at http://www.wordpress.org? if not, any special tunning need for compatibility?
3.Any benefits or advantages of ClassicPress?

It would be appreciated if someone like to share your experience, thanks so much.


Hi @alexlii,


  1. You can read about the differences here.

  2. I ran tests on performance in February. You can read about that here. ClassicPress was faster. I’m not aware of any further testing that may have taken place, but, I suspect that we’ve gained even more performance since then.

  3. If a plugin or theme is compatible with WP 4.9.x, then it should be compatible with ClassicPress. However, there have been instances where it was discovered that plugin developers had stated their (WP) plugins were compatible with WP 4.9.x which actually weren’t compatible and, therefore, were also not compatible with ClassicPress. In those cases, developers have been receptive to fixing their code to bring it back into compatibility with WP 4.9.x and, therefore, ClassicPress 1.x.x. As a general rule, if the plugin states support WP 4.9.x, it should be compatible with ClassicPress with the exception of any Automattic-related (ie, Gutenberg, Jetpack) functionality.

  4. ClassicPress is steered by the community, not by an individual. This means changes/features are voted by the community and far less likely subject to self-interest. The community here is much warmer, accepting, and isn’t prone to censorship. We’re transparent and you can follow virtually everything that you want to. We encourage positive discussion, even when someone’s intention was only to toss a grenade into the works. We value folks from all backgrounds and understand that everyone can provide value to the project. We also don’t have to jump through hoops to deal with the Gutenberg editor - our editor just plain works. ClassicPress works just like the WordPress we’d all come to know and love and there are no new learning curves just to use the platform. All in all, we are the breath of fresh air that WordPress eventually lost.

So, yeah… this has been my experience with ClassicPress over the last year. :slight_smile:


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Hey @Code_Potent if you want to see the differences I just did a profile CP with latest WP both editing a post


Thanks @Pross . is there just a simple summary? I block a lot of scripts, so, maybe I’m not getting the full app.

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CP uses 13% less memory when editing a post

Screenshot 2019-12-30 at 14.46.25

And loads 29% faster when editing a post.

Screenshot 2019-12-30 at 14.46.38


Ah, ok… I do actually see those… it wasn’t clear if it was saying WP or CP was faster. Thanks for clarifying. That is certainly a substantial gain! Go, ClassicPress! :smiley:


You guys said it all @Code_Potent nice one. and @Pross that is awesome!


Welcome @alexlii, and excellent responses @Code_Potent and @Pross, thank you!

What versions of WP + CP are in play here?

Also, I’ll bet ClassicPress looks even better if you look at the client side (browser memory used by DOM + JavaScript) rather than the server side (server memory used by PHP).

ClassicPress should have performance very comparable to the WordPress 4.9 release series, and some tests have reported that CP is even a little bit faster.

If you compare to the latest version of WordPress, it’s not even going to be close, ClassicPress will win by a mile. Put simply, this is because WordPress has added an enormous amount of code (the block editor) and we have not.

We’ll also be improving performance even further with version 2 (by adding the ability to disable less-used features), since this is clearly something the community wants.


Latest WP … and CP was latest master.


Heres another profile, cleared both sites with wp-cli and set theme to 2017… CP still wins by a good margin.

This is logged out on the blog page for both sites


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