Difficulty joining the slack

I was pretty excited about this event. So around 1:30 I went to go login only to find out, it’s not quite open to everybody.
"Don’t have an @classicpress.net email address?
Contact your Workspace Administrator for an invitation. "

I don’t have a Workspace Administrator,
I don’t have or want a new e-mail address.
Come on guys you have to start thinking about users.
You need to make it simple for all of us.

just my two cents

Sorry you weren’t able to attend, there shouldn’t have been any limitation to join the meeting.

The link we use is https://classicpress.net/join-slack.

@thewolf So sorry you were unable to attend; I’m not sure how you got that message. Did you go to the main website for Slack.com, perhaps?

If you go to the link Wade indicated above it will link you directly to our Slack workspace. You should not need a new email address or an invitation to join us. Slack will ask you to input your email, which they will then verify with you. Once you’ve verified the email you should be connected.

Would you let us know if you’re able to log in to Slack, and/or if you continue to have issues? Thank you!

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I followed the link above.

I have never heard of Slack.com before.
While it might be a common thing with a “team” project not so sure the common person knows anything about it.
It’s the same thing with GitHub.


It’s a fair point.

I think we need to make sure that if we post this sort of invitation on the forum in future, then we should also make it really clear what is involved in taking up the offer. ie “You will need to create an account on slack.com (which is an online discussion and collaboration service) and then follow this invitation link https://classicpress.net/join-slack to join up with the CP channels”.

Might even be a good topic for a blog post. :wink:


Thank you for letting us know! That was a wrong assumption on our part, and we’ll be sure to correct that for next time.

When I try the link to appears to work as I described it above; are you still getting behavior where it’s asking for a ClassicPress.net address if you try to sign up? Can you share a screenshot?

I really appreciate you taking the time to work through this with me so we can make it easier. Thank you.


@ BlueSkyPhoenix

Following the link above I came to this page…

If you see at the bottom of the page

If you have an @classicpress.net email address, you can [create an account].

When I went the create an account page I got this…

As I said above I don’t have a @classicpress.net email.
It’s not as simple as it seems.


This is something we need to address. I can try inviting you if you can send me an email address and we can see if that works.

OK, but that doesn’t really address the fundamental point that @thewolf is making.

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I totally agree, I was trying to help thewolf out right now while we work on a fundamental solution.

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Why not just use a raw (non-expiring) invite link? This link works for me…

Join us on Slack!

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Thank you for sharing these screenshots. For some reason you are ending up in a different place than I am when I follow that link. When I follow the link that Wade provided, I see this:

And herein is where I think the issue lies. Somehow, you are not seeing the same behavior as I am when I use this link: https://classicpress.net/join-slack

I greatly appreciate your careful explanation and I want to help find a solution that’s workable for everyone. I’m not sure where to go from here but at least it’s plain that you are seeing different behavior than everyone else. I’m not sure how to go about replicating the issue – if anyone else has any ideas, I’m happy to hear them.

Thanks again for your patience @thewolf.

The difference is the URL.

The main Slack URL requires a classicpress.net email…

The public invitation page can accept any email…

I totally understand – but @thewolf is saying he’s using the link that Wade gave: (https://classicpress.net/join-slack) and that results in the behavior that he reports. I don’t get that same behavior.

I am looking into another solution :slight_smile:

This if anyone is interested.

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For the uninitiated (like me!)


  • A landing page you can point users to fill in their emails and receive an invite (https://slack.yourdomain.com )
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Ended up using this instead: https://github.com/outsideris/slack-invite-automation

A tiny web application to invite a user into your Slack team.

We will do a bit more testing and connect it to our ClassicPress domain before we publicly share the link :slight_smile:

No, this wasn’t the link he was using, he was clicking the #committee link in the meeting announcement.

For future announcements we just need to say “If you don’t have a ClassicPress Slack account yet, go to https://www.classicpress.net/join-slack and you’ll be promoted to create one.” No extra tools needed, this link redirects to a “long” Slack invite link.